Thursday, November 11, 2010

"Wherever you go, there you are."~Buddha

The full quote of the above title is this: "Every wakeful step, every mindful act is the direct path to awakening. Wherever you go, there you are." In our busy and hectic lifestyles, we often forget to be mindful and in the moment. Our minds are often overloaded and overburdened with what we need to do next, where we need be next, distracted by technology, media, children, partners, work, chores...the list is never ending. We are in a continual state of going and doing and thinking that it's no wonder we have an epidemic of sleeplessness. How many of us wish for a bit of peace, a little quiet, just a moment to breathe? We need to give our minds a break, even if it is for just a brief moment. It's really not a such a difficult thing to do, all that is needed is a moment, just a moment to stop the chatter in our minds and just focus on whatever it is we are doing and being in that moment. Being in the moment is being mindful. When we are mindful, we are focused on what it is we are doing without allowing ourselves to be distracted by what's next. When someone speaks to you, do you listen to what that person is saying, or are you busy waiting for your turn, thinking about what you have to say without really listening to what is being said to you? Giving something (or somebody) your full attention is being awake in the moment. This is an important thing. It prevents unnecessary mistakes, accidents, hurtful words, or missing out on  something wonderful. When you are going about your day, try to take a moment here and there to consider what you are actually doing. Ask yourself: Am I really paying attention or am I thinking thoughts unrelated to the task at hand? If you find that you are not being mindful, don't beat yourself up for it. Just take a deep relaxing breath or two, smile to yourself, and focus.

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  1. All the holy words you read and all the holy words you speak are as nothing if you do not act upon them. Even if you read little and say little but live the right way, forsaking craving, hatred and delusion, you will know the truth and find calmness and will show others the path.- It's buddism. Isn't it?